Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Spill in Alaska

This story has gone viral so I thought I'd clear up a few things...

On our cruise last week I had spill while in Alaska.

It was our first port of call. We had just gone to the most fabulous Salmon Bake set in the hills with a beautiful waterfall and music and tons of great salmon.
We met up with some friends from the cruise and enjoyed the perfect weather.

We were stuffed with salmon and other wonderful food when we left. We took the bus back to town and decided to go shopping.
As many of you are aware my legs don't work well on the ship ( the vibration turns my legs to jello) so we opted to "be safe" and use my manual wheelchair.

We were at the far end of town beginning our shopping journey. Mark was pushing me in the chair when all of a sudden we hit a crack in the sidewalk. At least we thought it was a crack but it turned out to have a 2 in drop on the other side of the crack that neither of us saw.

The wheelchair's wheels got stuck, locked up and stopped. Well I didn't stop. I shot like a cannonball thru the air and landed several feet away.
I laid on the sidewalk looking up at Mark who was in total shock. All these people staring at me and I was struggling to fight back tears.
I couldn't believe how many people watched me lay there and nobody came to our aid. Finally a woman appeared and asked "what can I do to help?" The perfect thing to say to someone who just fell out of a wheelchair. I was glad she didn't say" do you need help? duh !"

Anyway Mark went to one side of the chair and she went to the other. I got on my knees and was propping myself up with the help of the chair (Keep in mind I knew my knees were bleeding.) when all of a sudden the Juneau fire department showed up. I was so embarassed. They were great. It took 3 of them to lift me. I am like dead weight when I fall. Two of them propped me up and the third literally forced my foot into a standing position.

Thank you so very much to the Juneau, Alaska fire department. You guys are the best. And thanks for not making me go to the hospital.

It was not the way I wanted to meet you but I am grateful you came. Now, please have someone fix the sidewalk.

I must have landed on my four prong cane because I have a strange group of bruises on my leg. My knees are healing. I wouldn't wear the little black dress I brought for formal night.

We had fun shopping in Juneau, spent lots of money and took lots of pictures.

Hope everybody has a great day and watch those cracks.


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