Sunday, July 11, 2010

finding the lost family?

Yesterday we joined Both Mark & I have questions and gaps in our family history and we are both anxious to fill in those gaps.
It is not as esy as the commercials indicate but it is truly exciting when you find even a nibble of information.
I put in my married name allowing me to research both my family and Mark's. So far I haven't found any royalty we are related to ( although the queen of England looks alot like some members of my british family) and we have not found out we are related to Brad Pitt (thank god)
but we will continue to search for those missing holes and enjoy the clues we get tossed our way.

It is truly intriguing and we are looking forward to finding some more family.
Wish us luck we don't find an axe murderers. LOL

Have a great dayeverybody.


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