Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you name me, you'll win me !!

Today on my facebook page for the business I posted an adorable picture of a bear I just bought for the website.

The bear itself is not for sale yet. It should be here in the next few days.
I am holding a "name me" contest. You can post a suggestion or two or twelve on my blog here or my facebook page.

The winner, in addition to bragging rights, you will recieve a " big white fluffy bear" .

So the bear is our newest addition to our MS Hug Bears. I sell so many bears I am constantly running out of stock and because our MS is always changing I like to also change the bears.
I also buy closeouts in large quantities.

This MS Hug bear is 18 inches, white, fluffy and super soft. But it needs a name.

So, please please please tell your friends and families about this bear's dilemna and help us name it.

My first suggestion was Marshmellow Fluff Bear. Put your thinking caps on and I am sure you can do better than me.

Have a great Day Everybody


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Lisa Emrich said...

He looks like a Charlie to me.

Libby said...

snowball? or snowflake? snowdrift, since he'll be from wisconsin? lol!

Tippy Topple said...

1. Jolly Good
2. Smily Sammy
3. Admiral Adorable

Cathy said...

OMG one of these is one of my favorites...:-)