Saturday, July 3, 2010

urgent care trip

Yesterday afternoon Mark & I spent hours at urgent care and for once it wasn't for me.

Mark went running yesterday morning and twisted his ankle on our wonderful city streets that are always under construction.

He came home limping trying to deny it hurt but a wife can tell these things. Besides the fact his foot was several colors. I finally talked him into going to urgent care.

He was with the doctor for a long time. Finally the nurse came out said he wouldn't be much longer. When he came out of the room he was wearing a ankle brace. He refused the boot.

You know one could make alot of jokes here about getting hurt exercising. I prefer the sit on the couch exercise plan .Just kidding.

He will be all right and is already saying the ankle feels better. We went shopping this afternoon so he got a workout.

Geez our lives have been full of so much drama lately.

Have a great 4th of July everybody


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