Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relying on people? NOT

I am completely dissapointed in the people who I thought I could rely on.

Two nights ago we had a horrible storm. We were under a thunderstorm/lightening warning, a flash flood warning and a tornado watch.

I was up all night with the dogs. I think I fell asleep about 4:30 am.

I was so terrified during the night I changed into clothes, complete with my shoes on, incase I had to take cover quickly. I can't remember ever feeling that afraid.

By morning I took the dogs out and was so wobbly from no sleep I fell and injured the infamous toe( I think it will be broken for the rest of my life ) I was like a walking zombie I had to cancel my plans.

Before Mark left for Australia I asked him to let a few extra people know I would be home alone for 9 days. In case something broke (my house was built in 1895) and it is confusing sometimes trying to fix something. Or in case I needed something from the grocery store.

So the day after this horrible storm and guess how many people called to see if I was okay? To see if my basement flooded? That would be zero !

People don't say you will be there if you have no intention of doing so. For all you know I fell on the stairs and I'm still laying there.

Take a minute and give a dam about someone other than yourselves you selfish people.

I have a disability and HAVE to rely on people so decide if you are one of those people I can rely.
In the words of my grandmother "shit or get off the pot"

Either your in or your out. We seem to be everybodys best friend when the weather is beautiful and you want to go out on our boat.
Let's see, NOT !

Have a great day everybody.



Muffie said...

I'm so sorry you had to experience this hurt. It's true that some people can be so uncaring and selfish. I've pretty much left those people behind, and now I only surround myself with friends on whom I know I can count. They're out there -- just search a little harder!
Again, I'm sorry you had to go through this.

Marie said...

Cathy, I am so sorry. {{hugs}} If I lived closer, I would have called.

Not to make excuses, but to make you feel a little less abandoned, maybe the storm was localized? Maybe they didn't realize how bad it was where you are?

Also, I know this happens to me, people get so caught up in their own stuff, even when they have very good intentions, they just forget.

Because I feel so awful when something like this happens, I try to forestall it by reaching out with gentle reminders. I will call to 'chat' but also to let it slip that I am alone and/or need contact. That way I don't end up feeling neglected and they don't feel bad for forgetting.

Shoot, it's all just so hard!!

Libby said...

aw, man, cathy, i wish i knew your number! i'd definitely call you, as should everyone here, cuz we all know how bad it feels to be forgotten about, don't we?

Cathy said...

Thanks everybody. It was just a dissapointing expereince. You think in your heart people will be there ( especially when asked directly). I can take care of myself. I feel a major letdown.

Cathy said...

Marie, one of those peope was my next door neighbor. :-(. Another was my husbands coworker (lives about a mile away) ;-( The list goes on. ;-(