Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family search update

I'm having a great time researching the families. There is alot of info out there that is truly mind blowing that someone has kept these records all these years and yet I can't find my own birth records.
If anyone out there has any expereince with ancestry.com I'd love to hear from you. Any pointers or tips that might help.

I seem to stumble across info and not know how to get their again.

I was able to add my grandmothers siblings but it won't let me add my grandfathers.

I have cousins and family emailing me non stop info. sometimes it all confuses me more than helps me. i cant seem to connect the dots yet. It is like a ginat puzzle to me. The kind of thing I crave to keep my brain functioning.
I also want to see just how far back we can and of course I wouldn't mind being relatedot someone famous.

Have a great day everybody


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