Saturday, July 3, 2010


My new kindle arrived the other day.

I couldn't decided between a kindle or a nook. Kindle is by Amazon and Nook is by Barnes and Noble ( I Believe)
I am a huge reader and paperbacks are hard for me to read. I have a hard time with newsprint so I always opt for a hardback book because it is usually whiter paper and much easier on my eyes.

I met a few people on the cruise that had one or the other. Most people had a kindle. I met a woman who was using a nook and she showed me all the features. She was sitting in the quiet corner reading when I walked over and intrduced myself. She was very sweet.

Mark set up the whole thing. Registering it and then showing me the short version how to operate it.

I was so excited to download my first book when he announced he accidentally downloaded one. I guess the one click download option really worked because I got a book I know nothing about. I am enjoying the book and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kindle.
I just ordered a pretty pink case for it.

Reading again. I am so excited. Now I can't wait to download my second book. This time I think I will do my own downloads.but I think I will do it online and not on the kindle. God only knows what I'll get next time if Mark helps me. LOL


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