Monday, June 28, 2010

After the cruise

We spent an extra night in Seattle the day after the cruise. It was a nightmare trying to get off the dock because the incompetent travel agent used by MSF ( sorry MSF but she doesn't get disabilities) had us running all over the dock looking for our prepaid transportation. The travel agent didn't know what our transportation looked like, she told us to ask for Nick. Ha????

So, MSF still think she's competent??? We finally found Nick after I spent an hour sitting in the rain and made it to our hotel.

We were so exhausted but it was our last night in Seattle and we really wanted to spend one night at a table for two instead of a whole group. Don't get me wrong I loved our dinner companions but it was nice to spend a quiet night together.

Mark discovered the train station was behind our hotel so we hopped on it and went Downtown.
First stop was Macy's ( because thats were the train dropped us). Wow! What a beautiful old store. Seattle I am sooo jealous !
We then went to Pike's Place Market ( which was packed). We found an information booth and he showed us where a sushi bar was. We had an early dinner. In fact I think we qualified for happy hour prices.
We then went back to Pike's and bought cannoli's. Yummmmm !
We coludn't find any napkins so I ended up wearing mine. haha ! honestly, who is surprised by that?

I'm so jealous about their pulbic transportation system. I wish we had a train. I was like a little kid. I had so much fun. People are so helpful there. We have been to Seattle many times before and every time we have such a good time. It is so diverse and people are so accepting of each others differences. Seattle I think you are a perfect example of what cities should be. You should be proud.

I'm walking better today. Probably because that annoying vibration ofthe ship makes it impossible for my legs to stop shaking so bad. I'm going to have to ask my neuro about that. It happens every time we go on a cruise. Confusing ! I used my wheelchair most of the time because my legs were so spastic I could hardly stand up.

As I sit typing this I have no idea where my cane is. I've been running all over the house, upstairs, downstairs so it could be anywhere. Too funny. I can't walk on a ship to save my life but I never use anything at my home.
I hate this disease !!

We are going to download or upload? pics tonight from the cruise and I'll try and post some tomorrow.

Beep ! The laundry's done. Bye for now !

Have a great day everybody !


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