Saturday, July 24, 2010

shovel anyone?

I am in the middle of cleaning our home office which also is the office of our business
The past few months have been so busy with the business it seems everything else got put on the back burner.

I am trying to get caught up with tax stuff and general paperwork, inventory, donations, etc.

It seems when you start a cleaning project it gets worse before it gets better. It will get better. I need the office a little more organized. I know where things are I just have to move 8 things to get to them. haha !

So if anybody has a spare shovel and time on their hands I'd love some help. If not I'll crank up my tunes and do it "one step at a time" Now where have I heard that saying before?

Have a great day everybody ! Hug a dog, a friend, your spouse.


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Libby said..., is this what obama promised...shovel-ready jobs??
*** snark ***

Cathy said...

Libby, LOL. don't even get me started about Obama's plans since they all involve my checkbook.....snark...