Wednesday, May 4, 2011

social network

The other day we watched The Social Network.

Good flick. We both really enjoyed it. We have Netflix.
Its a great service,especially for me. I dont drive so movies
are delivered to my home quicker than lightning.

So although we both enjoyed the movie alot it was obvious
that our littlest and newest dog did not.

The envelope was sitting on the arm of the couch ready to put in
the mail that day. I had planned to do it after I ate breakfast.

When I finished breakfast I walked  in the living room to
many red pieces of the envelope scattered all over.
Some pieces even hung from the dogs mouth. GUILTY !

Oh great now what ! Yes, I had to call Netflix and explain
my dog ate the envelope. Embarassing !

They were so wonderful. We all laughed and they even told
me it happens all the time.

I guess the dog doesn't like facebook. But I do...

The next movie I got was Sex and the City so I'm afraid
to leave the envelope unattended. God only knows what
he'd to that one ! LOL

Have a great day everybody. Hug your dogs, cuddle your dogs,
even if they have little red bits of netflix envelope hanging from
their mouths.


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