Thursday, May 5, 2011

another rough day with dog

Today was an emotionally exhausting day again dealing with a sick dog.

Spent all day nurturing him and finally got him to eat this afternoon.
Afterward he was up and looking so much better like he wasn't even sick
earlier in the day.
His kidneys are shutting down. He looks like hell and then bounces back.
I'm so confused.
He is going to the vet again tomorrow. Hopefully his numbers are not going
down but after this week I have a hard time believing it.
The meds were working for a while but then stopped and now as I write this
he feels good and actually wants to play.

I have always referred  to him as "my gift from god" due to his circumstances
on how our paths crossed and because he came into my life when I needed him
but more importantly he needed me.

Please say a big puppy prayer for him. I'm not ready to let him go.

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