Saturday, May 28, 2011

back home

Mark finally got home yesterday from England.

Something about a volcano in Iceland, part 2..Now where have I heard that before?

He got stuck in Chicago.. I could recite the conversation now..I'm stuck in Chicago...
Don't get me wrong, love Chicago, used to live in Chicago but I really really hate those
calls...I'm stuck in Chicago...

I had a whole list of stuff he needed to do Friday morning and that was obvious it was not
going to happen. The airlines actually called me at 6:15 am to tell me his flight got cancelled.
Can anybody figure that one out? I would have called him, just saying !

So Thursday I spent the day making arrangements for all the things we needed to get done

Called the pharmacy,,no problem they will deliver my meds. Whew ! One down...

Called my neighbor...can you do a post office run for me. I had soooo many orders to go
out, no problem.. Whew, Two down..

Called the vet..and begged for some help...Can someone please get the dogs food here?
I didn't know if we had enough til Tuesday when they reopened. Our vet is great..They have
delivered here before. They know Mark travels alot and they understand about my MS.
No problem, they will deliver it Friday am, Whew !

I, of course, was exhausted after this stressful morning. I pulled it off and got it all done.

I was so grateful so many people had my back. .Maybe its because we live in a small town in
the midwest. Just a diferent philosphy then California where I grew up.

I so needed a good nights sleep. Didn't get it, I will explain next post...

Have a great day everybody !


6 days and couing til the start.....very exciting !!!

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