Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grief counselor

I recieved a call from a "grief counselor" the other day.

She was referred by our vet and just wanted to see how we were coping
with Ripley's death. Wow.
I love our vet but that is indeed "above and beyond service"

We talked for a few and I guess I passed. LOL

The other doggies are doing much better. Both very clingy but at least
Noelle is letting me play with her again.

Last night both of them slept with me...Needless to say I didn't sleep with these
two bed hogs. LOL

We curled up on the couch last night and watched TV together.

Thanks to our vet for your kindness. I have always known you were special but
that extra kindness makes so much difference...

Have a great day everybody


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Herrad said...

Hi Cathy,

Good to hear your 2 dogs are feeling better, good they have each other.
Funny how even small dogs expand in bed.

We got another rescue dog just 18 days after Spike died from bone cancer.
Our other dog Marleen was so sad, she would not eat hardly anything.
We got Cyril who urgently needed rescueing.

Both dogs liked each other Marleen started eating, they are both happy together.
Take care.

Cathy said...

Ripley got sick in December. He had a tumor the size of an orange removed from his chest. He really never sprung back.
We knew Noelle wasn't a one dog kind of home so we rescued another dog in February.
Ripley had kidney problems and they ultimately just stopped working...

Cathy said...

ARod, our new little rescue dog, weighs 11 lbs and takes over our king size bed.