Sunday, May 8, 2011

ripley is feeling better, believe it or not

Joking aside...Ripley went to the vet again Friday afternoon when Mark got back in town.

They pumped him full of liquids again. He came home bloated but had an increased level of spunkiness.

He also ate dinner ( which he hasn't wanted to do every day)
Of course, his dinner was freshly made by his mom,(me) the short order cook.
The day before I had made rice and Friday night I scrambled some eggs and added that to it.

Saturday we made ground beef and rice. Now he has eaten a few days in a row. Not alot of dog food
but he has something in his tummy.

He does have a noticable increase in energy to which we are both grateful.
He is still having major medical problems but he seems happy again. Yeah

I may not be a mom to anything but my fur kids but I am still a mom

Happy mnothers Day everybody


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