Sunday, May 29, 2011

I hate fireworks

The past couple of weeks we have been awakened about 10:30-11-:30 pm to the sound of fireworks.
which means I cant get back to sleep. :-(

Ok, so in case we didn't notice it is MAY...

It is an absolute awful way to wake up..

Oh, did I mention they are doing them in the park next to my home, under my frickin bedroom
window. Not only do we wake up to fireworks but because they are so close it lights up our
room in flaming orange, like the house is on fire.
And because they are so close the entire house shakes....
We have blinds on the windows to keep the light out but these fireworks light up everything.

We have called the police on numerous occasions but haven't seen any results..

My neighbor is so disturbed he actually chased them one night.  I called the sh commander one
day and asked that they send a patrol car at 10:30 ( these people are so studpid they were settingthem off at the same time for a while). If they had sent a car they would have caught them.

Yesterday mornig we woke up to the remains of a 16 shot launcher in the park. I don't know how you feel but I have a problem with a young child playing in the park with this kind of crap being there.

We called the police department and they advised us to stop by. I didn't wantt hem stopping by my home.

We met with an officer, equipped with photos of the launcher that still remained in the park.
8 pics showing how close these were to my home.

Someone's home is going to catch on fire and it'll probably be mine. As a woman with a disability
I would have a really hard time running down the stairs with two dogs in tow.

I think the offiicer got the point. I really need to get some sleep.

Last night , no fireworks. I actually slept..yippee

Have a great day everybody. Remember, your actions, no matter how harmless the seem, impact other


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