Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome to the ER

I ended up in the ER the other day...

It's been a surreal week. I have never been in an ambulance before ( at least I can't
remember being in one).
The firefighters and EMT's were great. They tried to calm me down but we had to go
down ALOT of stairs and it was scary. They kept joking that they hadn't dropped anyone
yet but I was so scared about everything else I wasn't laughing very much. LOL

Unfortunaltely events like this bring out ALL the nosy neighbors. One called the next and so
on. I can't wait to hear the spin on the story.
It also reminds you who gives a damn about you.... so if my "bitch" of a mother is reading
this you can forget about knowing why Mark had to call 911.
After last summer when you walked out of my life AGAIN (when I was in the hospital)
I think it is fair to say your parental rights have been rescinded.

Taking things one step at a time...Every time I think I have a handle on my MS it reminds
me that it is indeed in charge...not me..

Have a great day everybody


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