Friday, October 2, 2009

Our visit to the vet

Well once again Noelle has a bladder infection and possible stones.

She has been going back and forth on this issue for about a month and I have been feeding her antibiotics when I think she needs them.

Last night it was apparent this was serious. She is so prone to problems like this. She has been since the day we got her.
Honestly, a result of bad breeding by "backyard breeders".
The vets put her on a different food and antibiotics. The food is soooo fattening. More than the one she is currently on. It is a canned food and Mark just about threw up prepping her breakfast and then we had to hide a pill in to. sheesh !

This afternoon I spent some one on one time with her and she ended up falling asleep in my arms. I could have cried. It was so cute.

She has to be on this combo for 3 plus weeks. I am going to have to make sure she gets alot of exercise or she will gain so much weight.

Almost finished with the 3rd qtr sales stuff.

Have a great day everybody.


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Libby said...

awww, poor baby...[hugs]