Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my ER visit

Yesterday afternoon I ended up in the ER.

I was making a lasagna for dinner. After removing it from the oven and checking on it I realized it needed more time so I started to put it back in the oven when I hit my arm on the inside of the oven and proceeded to drop my lasagna all over.

I think, as most MSer's do, I had a delayed reaction to my skin burning.

OMG what a mess. Lasagna everywhere. 1 minute after it happened the phone rang. I picked it up screaming in pain. Thankfully it was my husband.

I couldn't see the burn on my arm but I knew it was because the skin was blistering and hanging there. I really don't remember what I said to him other than I was in soooo much pain.

My pain tolerance most be changing because I couldn't even think with the pain I was experiencing.

He got home a few minutes later. I had attempted to clean up whatever I could because I knew we would end up in the ER.

He cleaned up the remaining stuff so the dogs wouldn't getto it. I put my shoes on and we were off.
Suddenly my MS was affecting my legs because I couldn't walk and of course, I was wearing makeup so I looked like a raccoon with my mascara running.

We were seen be a doctor right away. They determined it was 2nd degrees burn but a rather large one. It is just below my elbow so I can't bend my arm without causing it to hurt.

They cleaned it up,wrapped it and sent me home with all the stuff to do it myself.

I wasn't even in the mood to watch the game last night. Yikes I need to go shower and clean it up but I am really dreading it.

P.S. The lasagna was somewhat salvagable

Have a great day everybody



Lisa Emrich said...

Oh my, ouch. Glad that you and Mark were able to take care of things.

Now take care of that burn. Be easy on yourself. Get lots of rest and good food.

Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

Wow! How life changed between your two entries. Same hospital? Take it EASY!!!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Jen said...


Cathy said...

Patrick, yes the same hospital. I had just removed the intake bracelet from my arm. Lisa/ Jen thanks for your concern

Cathy said...

I am getting pretty good at using one arm. Maybe I should go to vegas and play slots.