Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So on Monday I officially bought this nifty device. I am very excited about
the possibilities. I have had to go slower than most in this process but I
am surprised by the results.
On Monday it was rainy and for my 8:15 am appt my legs weren't working
real well. But later that day they seemed less heavy and able to get around
the house easier.
If you are not familiar with this product you should check it out. Don't count
on any help from your insurance company because most are declining coverage
as mine did. My insurance company said it would only coverage this knee device
if it helped my hands and fingers. Ok, so what planet are you people from !!

Anyway, regardless of the insurance company I wanted to find a way and thanks
to Mark's family we are able to do this.
Thanks Mom and Gene and M'Liz for supporting us and helping us be able to
afford this. We couldn't have done it without you. Now, where was my family
you might ask. We are still looking. If they ever are able to be adults about
my MS, I will let you know. A whole different subject.

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