Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday was my 21 st Wedding anniversary. I'd like to say I was 12
when I got married but that is not the case.

Friday night my husband, Mark, came home with flowers. A beautiful bouquet of
purple roses. Wow, I haven't seen purple roses since I grew them at our first home in California.
He is such a great guy.

Mark left for Europe yesterday morning. At least, I got to spend a few hours of our Anniversary with him. We had planned to go out to dinner Friday night but that got postponed for a couple
of reasons. First, they had just concreted our driveway. It would have been a tricky maneuver
for me to dodge all of that mess and although I joked I was going to sign the fresh concrete
I didn't want to sign it with my face when I fell in it.
The other reason we postponed dinner was that so Mark could pack thoroughly.
Packing for Europe is complicated. Sportscoats for some meetings, casual for others.
The last thing you want to do is show up casual when you should have been dressed
Europe is alot like DC. People actually dress nicely for work. I know when I was in sales and because I sold to the Federal Government people tended to dress better.

I watched a "chick flick" last night with the dogs. One of the dogs isn't feeling well so
we all kind of hung out on the couch. All I needed was popcorn, which my Dr. won't let me eat.

So today, I will fill the rest of the orders from our business
and watch the football game with the dogs. We usually play football during halftime
with some of their toys. When Goldie was alive, she like to be the football. No, we didn't kick
her. We just scooped her up and carried her around the house, pretending to score a

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