Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yesterday was my MS Support Group meeting. I had a very special speaker lined up and I was excited to hear her.
Gail Renderman has Myasthenia Gravis ( I hope I spelled that right) and although it is not MS it is similar and yet so different. When I spoke to her on the phone the first time, I laughed and smiled so much I thought she would be perfect to come visit my group and she was. Gail wrote a book "Don't drive on the sidewalk" which I put on my website but she brought copies of the book with her that she gratiously signed for us. I don't care where the group bought them I just wanted them to enjoy the book.
She has had alot of medical challenges and is quite the inventor. She has designed something for wheelchair users and I am very excited about her getting it to market. I think she has a winner.
So folks, if you are looking for a good read, pick up her book. And, Thanks Gail for spending
an afternoon with us.
Since I returned from the Tysabri Advocates conference I have heard from many of you. Thanks for keeping in touch. I personally love to hear all the success stories. Not just the big ones but the everyday ones that remind us that we all have the fighter inside us.
I really enjoyed my time in Boston ( wish I had had the opportunity to look around town) and I enjoy my Tysabri treatment even more. That med has literally changed my life.
I got an email from my Area business Manager asking me if I could speak at an upcoming event but it is the same time as theNational Multiple Sclerosis Society annual conference and this year it is in Chicago. I used to live in Chicago and I really like it there.
So, just because I had to say no, please don't stop asking. I love to do those events.
Hope everybody has a great day and as Gail would say " Never Quit".

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