Tuesday, October 7, 2008

20th Tysabri Infusion

Yesterday I had my 20th Tysabri infusion. Everything went well. I was dragging going into it
but I think I overdid on the weekend. Mark is out of town. We picked up the dogs at the kennel and both weren't feeling well. One had diarrhea ( oh fun) and the other threw up ( oh more fun).

Of course, it's not like I have balance issues in cleaning up all of the mess and the dog. My dogs are long haired shelties, I'm sure you can figure it out what the mess was.
Anyway, they are hopefully feeling better. Mark will be home tomorrow.

I actually used my cane and walked into the infusion center. I have gone from using a wheelchair to a walker and now I'm feeling better about just using my cane. Our street is under construction so I thought the cane would work better getting me out of the house. Plus, they decided to fix the sidewalk yesterday and there was fresh concrete.

Over the weekend I attended the NMSS Wisconsin chapter facilitators conference in Wisconsin Dells. It was a long drive but a beautiful one. I met alot of great people who helped me with some of the problems I am dealing with my support group. I got alot of great advice. Thanks everybody.
I had forgotten to pack my muscle relaxer so my legs felt a little heavy. We had a jacuzzi in our room. Not the bathroom but the actual room. I just couldn't resist not trying the jacuzzi. We didn't make the water real hot so it really helped relax me so I could sleep. We also had pink sheets on the bed and we were starting to think we had the honeymoon suite. Our 21st wedding anniversary is next week so it was nice, seeing Mark will be in Europe. I can't remember the last time we spent an anniversary together.

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