Friday, October 24, 2008

We finally got rid of Charter Communications cable the other day and
replaced it with AT & T Uverse. We already had AT & T for our phone service and our internet and we were anxiously awaiting cable to come to town.
Charter is the saddest excuse for a cable company I have ever seen. They seem
to encourage their employees to not tell the truth. I don't want to say they outright lie
but they sure can't answer a question ethically or honestly. I wonder how long it
will take before they figure out why so many people are leaving.
Our last problem happened about a month ago. We were both out of town and had set up their moxi box to tape a few programs. When Mark got home he realized it was not working. We returned it their local facility and was told they were out of stock on this item because, are you sitting down, they were catching on fire. Oh yeah. I guess we feel fortunate that while we were away our box only stopped working and didn't burn down our home. With a lobby full of
disgruntled customers the woman behind the counter announced the boxes were catching on fire.
We had them re boot the system and lost all of the high def channels in the process of them "helping us". Whem Mark returned the box to Charter after AT & T installed their system, he was told that Charter called us two-three weeks ago ( of course they couldn't come up with an exact date) and spoke to both of us during the day at the same time to tell us they had a new box for us.
Ok for those of you who have been reading my blog, how long has Mark been in town the last few weeks? Maybe 2 days of the past two weeks. Who are you kidding Charter? Mark, when in town, works during the day and becasue of the construction on our street and has rarely made it home for lunch. I on the other hand rarely leave the house. I do have caller ID provided
by AT & T that records every call that comes into my home and surprise surprise there is no call from Charter on it.
On a more positive note, I enjoyed watching TV last night. I even recorded a show. just to
say I could. I didn't care what I recorded, I just wanted to record something.
I also didn't care if AT & T was more expensive because it would be worth every extra penny.
But we figure we will save about $40 a month by switching and even more important
the TV actually work's properly. No cut outs of interruped service. No lame excuses when we
call. Charter hold to your hat because AT & T is predicting a windy day.

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