Friday, October 17, 2008

foot drop

On Monday I have my last physical therapy appointment for the Bioness
Knee Brace. It is not really a brace but I call it that. It has a sensor in my shoe so
when I lift my heel it sends a signal right below my knee. This signal helps my brain
retrain my knee so it bends (what a concept). It really is a funky device. I am a very skeptical
person. It seems that everybody has something to "cure MS' or "help MS" so I was
hesitant to try it until I saw my friend walk on a two by four. She was wobbly but she did it.

I broke down in tears when I saw that. I don't expect miracles with this device but I needed
to see some changes before I made the committment. It is very expensive ( about 6 grand) and not covered by insurance of course. Marks family is helping us pay for it and I am truly grateful for their generosity. I would not have asked unless I was okay with the progress I have been
My leg works so differently. It's hard to explain the changes. I feel it. I have been able to walk
around my home without a cane or walker. I even managed the stairs without my cane.
Ok, so if my neuro reads this I am in trouble. My foot drop situation is getting under
control and that is all I care about. Everybody can be mad at me but I'll do it anyway.

I want my life back. It may take some time but I feel so positive about my future. Between
the Tysabri, this Bioness system and my exercise program I might even walk the MS Walk.

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