Monday, April 23, 2012

Family drama again

This has been a crazy week with all the family drama going on.

My family walked away from me so many times. Almost 2 years ago they walked away when I was so sick. My husband called them asked for their support and was told NO.

Now that my narcissiistic mother needs me suddenly they remember there other daughter. Hmmm...does life work that way?

I've been sick since January..Soo where the hell have you been?

I found out on a cousins facebook page that my mother was sick. Really?

My mother went on to tell everybody I blocked their calls. So with the help of AT&T I ran a report. Hmmm it seems they never called. Surprise suprise.

Even now its all lies. She cant tell the truth to save her life.

Tell you what..Show some concern for my health and for god's sake apologize to my husband and I'll do the same for you that you did for me.

Grow up people. I'm not interested in playing games anymore.

Have a great day everybody


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