Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Walk MS

Yesterday was the Walk MS near our home. In fact, it is about a mile from our home. Tough commute..

The weather was dreadful. They had been preciting a chance of SNOW. That four letter word we dont want to hear this time of year as we prep our boat for the water.
We didnt get any snow but it was cold and rainy and NO walkers. I dont think there were more than 100 people who showed up. There were more volunteers than walkers.

In the past years this location has gone through many changes. I was on the committee when I was first diagnosed but it became very apparent it was going to be run by a tyrant. Sad the rulers have RUINED this walk.

Thats what you get when you put control freaks in charge.

I left the committee because I was overwhelmed with my workload and then the control freaks stoodup and took credit for everything I did. WTF?

Anyway, I donate alot of money to NMSS. I sponsor alot of people in their walks and bike events across the country. I also donate door prizes, gifts and anything else a chapter asks my business for.

I have also become involved in other volunteer programs for different organizations that remember to say
  "Thank You" and appreciate everything I do for them.

NMSS is a good organization but it often seems to be all about the money and not the people who have MS

So I am completely exhausted today and am making it naother ME day. Have my movie ready to watch and working on a coupopn project. ( I am one of those coupon nuts)

Have a great day everybody


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