Tuesday, April 3, 2012

busy time for biz

This time of year is the busiest for our business. In addition to getting ready for the MS Walks it is also the time of year people are thinking of cooling products for the summer.

We have new cooling items coming. Very excited. These are going to be big sellers.

I also have new crafters coming on board with their goods. Yippee !

I have been trying to make bracelets myself but I keep selling them before they make it to the website. Not a bad problem to have ..hehe..

Been trying to cope with this hip pain. Ended up back at Dr yesterday just making sure nothing was overlooked with xray. Probably tore ligaments in leg/hip. Oh fun !

Had to cancel my hair appt again for the second time. Hopefully will get it done next week. Looking pretty gray.

The sheltie rescue has gotten in a few dogs I am in love with. Cant do anything til my health gets better. It would not be fair to the dog.

Working on my book seeing I feel grounded. But at least I have my laptop.
Writing is keeping me sane.

So many projects going on and so many things to do. My to do list is long but Im working my way thru it.

Have a great day everybody

Check out the new products online..new sneaker pin in orange ! Too cute


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