Friday, April 20, 2012

Cherry Blossons

Last weekend we went to Virginia to visit Mark's family..

It also happened to be the cherry blossom festival. However, it seems the cherry blossoms bloomed a month ago and were all gone.

Oh well, it is still a pretty place to visit.

We had a great time with Mark's mom. she had a list of places she wanted to go shopping at. Shoes, fabric, clothes..We had a good time.

We also had dinner with Mark's brother andfamily at a gret Greek restaurant..Reminded us of Mykonos...

Traveling with a disability is a challenge to begin with but this hip injury created alot of discomfort for me.

The rental car SUV was a joke. The front seat kind of sank..A little hard to get out of. It also had a real low front window so I banged my head everytime I got into it.

It was unseasonably warm this weekend and of course I didnt bring any cooling items with me.

Was glad to get back home, see  the dogs and work on the stuff for this weekend.

Have a great day everybody


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