Friday, December 30, 2011

A ski reunion

Last night we met up with my wonderful host family.

A few years ago I was awarded a scholarship to learn how to snow ski.
Now, dont all laugh at once.
They flew me  to Durango Colorado and I  learned to snow ski  and stayed with a
host family.
We have not only kept in  touch but became good friends.

They emailed me a few weeks ago that their precious dog had died and they were
looking at a breeder here in Wisconsin.
I was so excited to see them. Introduce them to my husband any way I  could with getting the perfect dog.

I even came up with a list of Wisconsin names for the dog. LOL They werent a big fan of Packer. Tom's a Giants fan and the Packers just beat the Giants.

Although we were beyond exhausted after yesterday we had to meet them.

We had a late lunch so we met them for a drink. OMG I love these people so much.
They are truly wonderful people. And now Mark, my hubby will get to also meet them.

If you have MS, please please please consider getting involved with this ski program.
It is completely free. They probably even have clothes you can borrow.

If you are interested, please let me know and I'll coach you through the  application and it would probably help if my name was on app. Just saying ! haha !

Have a great day everybody ! And now back to work for me


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