Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arriving in California

We arrived at LAX early afternoon. We had made arrangements to be picked up by the Super Shuttle.
Great service however traffic in California makes for a long drive. It is also a shared service so you can have more than one stop.
The only problem was my MS bladder and 2 hrs til we reached the hotel...Bumpy roads, red lights well you get the picture..I was fine but man I needed to pee something bad..LOL

We arrived at our hotel with our tons of luggage. We were gone 17 days, 3 formal nights on the cruise, the wedding ceremony, bathing suits...

When we got to the hotel we were greeted with and I quote " they gave my handicap room to someone else"
To which I replied " kick them out"
In my hand was a confirmation for a room without a bathtub, a managers name who I double checked with
and my husbands frequent travel number. ( because he stays with that chain alot. )

I was so not in the mood for that. We waited in the lobby while they tried to resolve their screw up because they didnt have any other handicap accessible rooms.
The least they could have done was send us to the bar for a drink on them,.

We were offered a handicap room with 2 double beds or a king with a tub..OMG do I sleep with my husband or bathe?
I countered that we would take the 2 double beds ( it was only 2 nights) at their expense...

tick tick tick the clock kept ticking and yet we were still stting in the lobby of the hotel..

Suddenly they had a handicap room available. It had a broken TV so it hadnt been used for a while.
Thye swapped the TV from a different room and voila we were in a room, actually we were in a suite.

At least I could sleep with my husband and bathe. I know I am so selfish I want it all. haha !

The next day would be better. We were just glad to see the sun.

Have a great day everybody !



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