Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After Thanksgiving

We really weren't sure what to do on the day after Thanksgiving.

We had originally planned to meetup with my best friend in the Valley
but there were so many personal things going on in our life I wasnt sure we would be
good company. Also the thought of a very long drive wasnt making my MS bladder very happy.

We decided to just spend a quiet day exploring the city of San Pedro.
We decided to walk with Mark pushing me in my wheelchair down to these little
shops on the water...
Well, most of them werent open. Go figure. You cant make money if your closed. Just saying!

We rolled around and window shopped. The restaurants were all open and the aroma of seafood
was everywhere. We were hungry and found this little place for lunch.

Now if you have never been to California they have the best Mexican food in the " little places"
because it always feels like someone's grandmother is cooking. This was no exception. The food
was incredible. That is the one thing I really miss about California.
I had fish tacos. A California staple...Yum  I can still remember how good they were.

Were window shopped some more before heading back. The only store we found open
sold African American clothes and other collectibles. They had music playing that brought a
huge smile to my face. It was Bob Marley singing Christmas Caroles. I could have sat there
all day.. Thanks for helping us get in the mood for Christmas. Although I had the song sstuck
in my head all day I was still so pleased to have heard such beautiful music. I just may have to buy that

Have a great day everybody


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