Saturday, December 31, 2011

back to the cruise

The first 4 days of 14 days were at sea...

My cell phone was cut off by At & T. Thanks a lot. I guess I exceeded my limit with the apps on my phone that were constantly roaming. We ended up paying a huge amount of money in the first port so I could have a phone for emergencies.

The first 4 days we slept, rested, read magazines, drank those fruity drinks they serve on ships. You kow the ones with little or no alcohol. haha !  and ate.

We had the time to plan our excurisions in port so we picked one for the first port we were both so excited about. It'll be tomorrows post so come back and find out what  we did.

On the ship they had all kinds of activities to do while we were at sea.
You could make a lei, learn to huladance, learn to plan a ukele..Too funny

Have a great  day everybody !


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