Thursday, December 22, 2011

a difficult choice?

On the day after Thanksgiving we were going to drive to the Valley and visit some friends. Sorry everybody for changing plans.

We cancelled it for a couple of reasons. Mostly both Mark & I have been thru alot lately
and werent sure we would be great company to be around. But also because it was a long
drive and my MS bladder probably would have had a coronary explosion..haha !

But  thirdly it was depressing me to know I would be just about a mile from my parents home
and they didnt want to see me :-(
It amazes me that people can do that to their children because they have a disease like MS.
But on the other hand I certainly dont want people like that in my life if they cant be
supportive and loving.

Last year when they walked away from me when I was so sick I let them. I havent heard from them in about a year and half. Even the nasty emails have stopped..
We even removed them from our holiday card list along with every other member of the family.
They probably dont know whether I am dead or alive..

Hug your family this year for me. Remember DNA doesnt make a family. I have the "family" subsitutes
but it sure would have been nice to have the real thing

Have a great day everybody


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