Friday, December 30, 2011

A new day

Yesterday I started Gilenya...So very excited.

We headed out about 6:30 am for my neuro'soffice. Of course it had just begun to not rain but FREEZING rain. OMG !

Within the first few miles of our home on the highway there were 8 accidnets. I didnt even think our county had that many ambulances.

The worst thing about weather like that, in addition to driving in it, is that you cant stop and help anyone without creating more of a situation so all you can do is call 911.

Hope everybody is okay.

We got to the neuro about 1/2 hour late. I called to let them know. There were 3 other people starting Gilenya so we all sat around in a lobby type setting and chatted. Some brought spouses but I'll  tell you it is hard to kill 6 hours..I was so bored.

I brought tons of stuff to do but didnt want to do anything LOL

We watched TV, talked, laughed, talked some more and then it happened. We all fell asleep.
too funny. Even the spouses were out. Some snoring ! Some wheezing ! .

We got thru the boring 6 hours and I am excited about starting this med.

I'd love to hear from anybody who is on it. No horror stories please. Just positive.. I got rid of the negativity in my life and I'm not letting it back in.

Have a wonderful day everybody



LinRN said...

Hi Cathy!
I'm new here and new to MS. Today was my first Copaxone injection so we're both on the same page of different books.
I'm going to follow your lead with the positivity and try to be excited about my new road too.
Good luck to you - I look forward to reading your past posts and catching up!

Cathy said...

Hi Linda,
nice to meet you. Good luck with the Copaxone.
Stay positive. Looking forward to getting to know you