Monday, June 13, 2011

RX finally

I finally got my new prescription filled on Friday.

Last week I called every pharmacy in our small town to
try and find someone who could fill this. No luck !

One pharmacy explained to me it is a "specialty med". WTF?

Walgreens said they could do it but amazingly ten minutes later when Mark arrived
suddenly they couldn't do it..Treated Mark, my hubby, like dirt so I called Walgreens corporate and reported that one !!

Called the RX insurance company and they advised me mail order was available and
probably my best option. So I signed up...

Signed up on Monday, they finalized everything with my dr on Wednesday..They called
me at 7:30 pm ( I was impressed) and I had my meds in hand on Friday. ( I was even more

Wow ! sorry folks but if this is what Obamacare is going to be like, count me out.

There was nothing wrong with the insurance until someone got involved.
now the "responsible" people who have always provided for themselves are getting

Leave my stinkin insurance alone. I pay for mine, I buy the best... I have MS, had cancer, have severe
asthma, half of a hip, and various complications from MS,  and is blind as a bat. Leave my stinkin healthcare alone !! 

Have a great day everybody and welcome to socialist America !


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