Friday, June 10, 2011

no construction day

Yesterday I had a no construction day...They had another project to finish up
so I was informed I could sleep in.

Well, it seems the dogs had other plans...In fact they woke us up an hour early.
Really kids, you couldn't just let me sleep in.

Got caught up on a nuch of paperwork for the business so it was a productive morning.

The afternoon was my horseback riding lesson. We went out onto this path thru their fields.
Although the fields didnt seem to have much growing I was informed it was soybeans that
had been planted.

It was a little chilly between the wind and the sudden change of temp from the previous day.
We made a shorter walk than my horse wanted to. After we turned around and were headed
back, he got spooked by something and suddenly went into a gallop. Caught everybody off
guard but I was so proud of myself for hanging on and not overreacting.

Everything was fine. I'm sure there a bunches of critters out in the field. Something Smokey
saw and we didn't. My walkers were great. They handled the situation wonderfully and as
odd as this sounds it really boosted my confidence. I knew how to react and didn't fall off. LOL

Came home, fed the dogs, made dinner, finished up the orders from the morning. Went to sleep early because  I knew construction would start this morning early. 

Adding a new shirt later on today, hopefully.

This afternoon we have Culligan coming to install a water purification system in the house.
Sorry Fondy still dont like the water, even after you spent all that taxpayer money to install the latest and greatest water treatment plant.
We also have our contractor coming over to go over the schedule of whats happening when.

Then we have a wallpaper installer coming to give us an estimate on putting up our wallpaper mural
of Venice we bought. Dont tell him but I think he already has the job, regardless of cost. I truly liked
him over the phone..Great work ethic..:-)
and finally we have a painter coming over to give us an estimate of painting the walls before the mural goes up. 
Then I'm having a drink and parking myself on the couch.

Have a great day everybody


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