Sunday, June 19, 2011

MIA Father

Today is Fathers Day and somewhat sad.

Last year when I was so sick my hubby called my family to ask for
their support.

They, of course, said NO. In fact my brother in law, left a message on our
voice mail laughing that I was so sick. Still have it so no denying it....

My dad ended our last conversations with " when you come to California
we don't want to see you"

Wow ! Straight out my my Mothers mouth. Just like the little puppet
he has always been.

It is a sad day for Mark because his dad passed away a few years ago after
a long battle with cancer.

He was probably the closest thing I had to a dad, next to my grandfather.
I will always cherish the memories of him. We had this incredible conversation
when I was first diagnosed. He was so supportive and truly was one of the few people
who really "got" being sick.

Miss you dad..Especially after the Superbowl....

Have a great Father's Day everybody !

And to my wonderful hubby, Mark, who is the best darn "Dog Dad" ever.
Love from your fur kids...Noelle and Arod.. Woof ! Woof !
And those at the Rainbow Bridge..Rascal, Munchkin, Goldie and Ripley....



Unknown said...

Wow! Kind of takes the breath away.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Cathy said...

Yeah Patrick it is kind of sad...I am fortunate to have developed a support system of people who do "get it", just no DNA. :-(