Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Final touches

Today they are finishing up on the cabinets,installing lazy Susan's in two of them.

This will help me stay organized. haha !

They are also prepping to install the backsplash, which has finally shown up.
They were suppose to start he backsplash tomorrow but called and asked if they
could do prep work today.

Tomorrow we will have the backsplash day 2, the mural, and now my new fridge
will be delivered.

The doggies are going to doggie daycare. I plan to sit on the couch  and drink wine.
Anybody want to join me, email me. LOL

The entire project should be done this week. I'm am more than streesed.

It looks amazing and it is my dream kitchen.

Now I just want to enjoy it and cook in it and entertain in it.

Have a great day everybody


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