Tuesday, June 14, 2011

kitchen remodel day 1

Today they started to put the floor down.

Our home, an old Victorian built in 1895 doesn't have a level square inch so we knew it
would be quite the challenge to get a floor down.

Brett, the installer, and a former marine, whooya, looked ready to take on this project.
He rolled up to the house in a truck that said Semper Fi on the side.
I guess once a marine always a marine.

He laid down a compound to level the floor and as I predicted the dogs
had to go outside. I think they have a bladder like mine.LOL
Anyway, he had to pick up Noelle so she would not step in anything and I tossed Arod
to him. Both went out but because I couldn't see them and they get easily distracted I was unsure if they had done anything.
A few hours later it was obvious Noelle had not because she was whining to go out.
Not that easy, my dear furball,. The gate was open, the panel in the doggy door
and I couldnt find anybody so we went back upstairs.

Frustrated I turned my attention to laundry. Clunk,clunk, clunk and the machine stopped.
I was unable to get it started. What the heck?

We just looked at machines over the weekend and decided to wait a few weeks.
Oh, we thought so.

Tonight we went back to the store and bought a new washer and dryer and the
new fridge for our newly remodeled kitchen to be..
Over the weekend we bought a dehumidifier and a TV . I think we single handed
are keeping this store in business. 

Tomorrow I am sleeping in. Dont really care if they all show up and I am in my jammies.
I am mentally and physically exhausted.

Tootles everyone, I am turning in. It's nine oclock.


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