Thursday, June 16, 2011

day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of the kitchen remodel...

They finished putting the floor down and it looks amazing...
I was a little concerned when it first started to go down and the color looked
darker than I had remembered it. But when it was all done it looked amamzing.

They also finished the windows.

Today we had our new washing machine delivered. The dryer will come later as it is
at another store and had to be transfered.

Well, the delivery didnt go as planned. Honestly, do they ever?
It seems our new big washer wouldnt fit in our 1895 old Victorian home.

And then it wouldnt go up the stairs...This process started at 10:30 am and didnt end til 2:15 pm

Needless to say I was beyond stressed and didnt make it to my horseback riding lesson.

I am so bummed. I even bought a new riding helmet. Oh well, I hated the
thought of being so stressed while riding Smokey, my horse.

Now I have to wait a week to see him...I guess I'll do laundry seeing I am a week behind. LOL

Have a great day everybody.


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