Thursday, August 5, 2010

Visit to a new neuro

Yesterday my husband and I went to a new neuro. He is actually the neuro I have spoken with many times before so I know him well and he knows alot about my history so I wasn't nervous about meeting him.

I was however nervous about his response to my condition and how it has worsened over the past year.
He's not a "beat around the bush" kind of guy so I knew he would have something to say.

For the past year my previous neuro just seems to have given up on me. It took him 8 days to return my call. I don't call often but wierd things were happening and I was concerned.
Mid conversation my previous neuro said " I've got to go" and hung up. WTF? Did he really hang up on me?

Normally I would have gotten upset but I took it as a sign for me to move on. It's not the first time he has acted or said something inappopiate. Two years ago when my dog was so sick I told him at my appt that I hadn't slept in weeks because I was up all night with my sick dog. He told me to "get rid of the dog". We had to put her down just a short time later. His words still haunt me.

Anyway, I realized a while ago it was time for me to stand up for myself and change neuro's. So I did.

My nervousness yesterday was that I was knew my neuro was neglecting me and I was not getting the care I needed or deserved for that matter. But I didn't realize or maybe wouldn't admit (denial) that my condition had worsened. Now I am concerend the damage is done and I will just get worse.

I am bordering on depression this week. Its that time of the month and that's not helping my mood.

Next week we have tests and stuff I have to undergo. I will keep you posted.

I know I am strong ( as many of you have reminded me today) when I reached out to my blogging friends and once again they were there.

Thank you ladies. You are the best. I am crying as I write this thinking of all the situations we have gotten each other thru. Thisi tme its me that needs thesupport and as I knew you would lift my spirits.

It's gonna be a rollercoaster for me the next few weeks. And of course, where is my "supportive family? If you find them let them know they dropped the ball once again. :-(

Have a great day everybody ~

Cathy & the wonder dogs-Ripley and Noelle ( who give the best darn hugs when you need them)

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Jamie said...

Big hugs to you! I'm PROUD OF YOU for going to somebody else! As much as it's a pain in the rear, we have to stand up for ourselves. This is our body and as much as doctors like to think so, they don't know it all. You're in my prayers to find the answers and peace that you deserve! If you ever want to talk, you can email me ANYTIME!!! It's always good to know that we're not alone and that other people are going through similar things. I started a new med today for fatigue and I just feel CRAZY! Hopefully it will adjust. :) Hang in there! xo

Libby said...

cathy, keep your chin up ok? really, you were such a go-getter, you got me to try tysabri a few years ago...& that was a good thing, even though it wasn't the drug for gave me the guts to decide i wanted to try something else! so, thank you!! & remember, lots of us depend on you!! & we send you hugs for it!