Sunday, August 29, 2010

Health update

I am finally feeling better although I have been hit hard by fatigue.

I haven't had a fatigue problem since I went on Tysabri so it
kind of caught me offguard.

I also feel the stress caused by my family is not helping my
MS at all.

It has been 8 days since my husband called my parents asking for  their support.

8 days since they said NO. 8 days of heartbreak for me.

The last time I spoke with my sister was 2 days before her deadbeat husband was
coming home from his one month vacation in California. Paid for by his mommy.
He is going back to California Sept 1 for 3 months. Mommy is giving him a car.

He hasn't worked in over a year and hasn't looked for a job to support his
wife and child. They lost their home and their cars and still he milks off the
State of Arizona.  $400 a month in food stamps you guys are  paying for. Ouch !

Free health care to somebody who has never paid into the system. Ouch !

He was just diagnosed as diabetic and yet eats ice cream for lunch and weighs 400 lbs. Ouch !

Isn't life fair? My SSDI gets taxed. Did ya know that? Yes, I pay taxes on my disability.
And to make matters worse they tax it at my husbands rate. Ouch !
I pay my own health care, my neighbors mortgage and if we have money left over, we eat !

Got the bills for my medical situation on Friday so I got to look at them all weekend.
Should be fun figuring this whole mess out. Have some beautiful flowers on my kitchen
table from the Riechers clan. Thanks guys, I love you !

Mark and I cooked all weekend. Ok, I sat at the kitchen table and chopped because I didn't
have the enregy to stand but all of our projects worked out wonderfully except the pudding.
Note to everybody, Rice milk does not work in Jello pudding mix. It was more of a smoothie made of water. Who knew? Trying to use things  from the pantry.

Mark picked up tomatillo's at the farmers market so we expereimented. Wow was that good.
Our new favorite veggie or is it a fruit?

Have a great day everybody.

Thank you all for your support and your kind words. Waiting for the results of the medical tests
and it might not be til Ocober we find anything out.


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