Tuesday, August 31, 2010

good morning everyone

Had a great nights sleep. For the past month or so I've been living on 2-3
hours a nights so I love love love when I have a great night and I wake up feeling

Got a great email today about an wonderful opportunity with NMSS.
Had another great email from aneager crafter. ( some of my crafters
have turned into flakes) so I'm very excited about this email.

Business is going well and I have to admit it is keeping me sane during
this medical stuff I have been going thru. My customers are the best
and I appreciate your kind words and patience in getting orders  out.
Although my husband tells me I put way too much pressure on myself
getting orders out so quickly.
Some people never knew I was sick because the flow was never interrupted.
I tried very hard to keep on top of everything.
I think I'll find my boo boo's when I do inventory and realize I did a bad
job and am out of stock of a few things. haha

Had a very wierd phone call last night. Too early to tell what that was about
but Mark thinks they want us to give them money. I love when you dont hear
from people except when they need something.
Have I not been sick the past month? Where were you then?

Please stop by and visit our website when you have a chance. Lots of new products and
don't forget the fundraiser for NMSS.  The Orange is the new Pink tshirt is the fundraiser
available in both an orange shirt and a pink one.

Love you all and thanks so much for your support while I wasn't feeling well.

Have a great day everybody


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