Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3

Here's me and my Multiple Smiles MS Hug bear (available on
He's keeping me company because he is so huggable.
I can't believe how well I am doing on this stuff. Not to say I feel
good by any
stretch of the imagination.
Got up at 3:00 am this morning hungry. I ate a granola bar and went on facebook and
tried to play games.
I'm not having hallucinations as I have had in the past but still feeling pretty awful.

Nauseous and  hungry at the same time. I have no appetite. Food tastes metallic and
stale. I'm trying.

I am sleeping some but I feel like a truck ran me over and is dragging me down the highway.

Have orders to process and a ton of paperwork to do but taking it slowly.

This laptop does alot but not as much as my mainframe. I'll do what I can. I know my
customers will understand. Mark is running himself ragged trying to do everything
else including taking care of the dogs.
Wish I was at the PGA Game. Its so close but yet so unreachable.

have a great day everybody. Enjoy a great meal for me. Everything tastes awful to me.


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1 comment:

Lisa Emrich said...

So glad this round of steroids is going much better than those in the past. Yay! Hope it is helping some of your symptoms in the process. :)