Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 5

This should be day 5 of this horbbile torture treatment.

I have been awake for hours and I'm already bored with facebook.
I thought I could get caught up on some stuff but realized I am not very coherent.

We can all laugh tomorrow at how bad this post is.

Anyway, thank you all your thoughts and prayers thru this ordeal. I didn't even think I
would make it thru day 1 let alone day 5. But I did it/ I really did it.

It is with this special support team we MS er's have formed that get us thru this kind of stuff.
As many of you know my family walked away from me and my MS. This time I really thought would be different but I was again wrong.

I had Mark pick up some cookies for me to bring to my nurses tomorrow. They never get enough

They have also seen me go from "perky Cathy" to the sobbing idiot I was yesterday. I don't know
how they do it but I hope they know how grateful I am.
Speaking of cookies, I'm hungry but I'm too tired to go downstairs. They would probably
notice one was missing. haha !

Have a great day eerybody. My goal today is to pass this on. You have done for me what I needed so badly and I intend to do the same for someone else. Now if I could get this dam room to stop spinning.


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