Sunday, August 22, 2010

DNA downers

This has indeed been an incredible weekend. Saturday I finally started to feel better.
Not great but not worse so in my book that's better.
I don't know maybe it's girl logic. haha !

The past few weeks have been scary. Mark has been by my side the entire time (even
when I wasn't very nice) I've been a terrible patient because I have never felt so awful. My "high pain tolerance" I always claim to have has either left home or never really erxisted. 
I thank you, my faithful friends, for being there for me and encouraging me. I don't ever want to go thru
this again or have anyone else go thru it.
The next few weeks will be just as scary as we wait for the results of several tests and then make decisions accordingly.
My parents claim they never got my email I was sick. Ha ??? Did you think my MS was going to go away?
There is no cure,

In the past month Mark and I have been planning a trip to Cali and we thought of a way to surprise my parents. We were even going to pick up the tab for their transportation because they "promised me " in June the would support me and my MS. . What the heck was I thinking?

Saturday my husband called my parents and asked them ( or told them ) they need to support their daughter or lose me.
And surprise, surprise guess what their reaction was. They walked away AGAIN. Can't do it. Can't support

What a big giant piece of sh*t they are. My sibllings aren't much better. They are all members of the freeloaders and mooch club. What can I get for free.
Well, this is your lucky day, my F'd up family because today you should learn a lesson in how to be a family
And it's free ! I'm teaching it. For free !!!
My husband was shocked at their respnse but I unfortunately was not. Been there done that My whole damn life.
Grow up you lousy excuse for breathing humans, Grow up !

I'll gett thru this medical crisis without you and every one in the future.  And you kno wwhat DNA does not make a family. So stop calling me your daughter, or sister. You don't deserve me in your life.

Have a great day everybody !


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Libby said...

oh, hell, cathy, you deserve so much more love & caring support from them! they obviously aren't worth the energy it takes from you to get mad about it! remember, stress is our enemy, okay? so try not to expend more energy on them than they do on you, okay? i know it'll be hard, but, if you can it'll be so worth it for your health...& your health comes first, remember! that's where you need to expend any extra energy you have, ok?