Wednesday, December 16, 2009

what a day

Yesterday I felt like if it could go wrong it would.
It was a frustrating day.

When I took the dogs out about 5:15 am I realized the doggie door was
frozen shut. Well, technically Ripley figured it out when he bopped his head on it.
It was beloew zero and it had become so stiff it wouldn't bend. argh !

Then Noelle didn't want breakfast. ( she does this alot only when Mark is gone)
So I fed her Ripleys food. argh !

I had two orders from the day before I was still trying to get out the door.
Of course, the printer decided it was time for for the Christmas holiday.
It wouldn't print anything. ( did I mention I have four printers ) argh !

Nobody shoveled me out so my porch, steps and driveway looked like nobody was
home. Great ! I'm home alone, have a disability and it looks like my house is empty.
I had a complete meltdown by this point. argh !

I had to send someone to the Post Office for me to ship some orders. Gave complete
instructions and money. So they decided to send it priority ! Well, there goes my profit.
I had a special price for shipping tshirts of 99 cents each but I paid $8.00. Ouch ! Argh !

I have this filter on my washing machine. It blinks blue when it needs to be changed.
Of course, it always needs to be changed when Mark is gone. I had to figure how to get it
to stop blinking before I went to bed or upstairs would blink blue all night. As if the very colorful
lights across the street weren't enough. (they look great but please turn them off when you go to bed) argh !

Went to the run the dishwasher last night and found the Cascade liquid detergent had frozen
solid. Sat on the floor holding the bottle close to me to warm it up so it would soften and I could get it in the machine.
Now thats a Utube video. Warming up the dish soap. argh !

Took the dogs out last night for final pee of night when I found a box on my trashcan.
Guess the mailman thought it was an appropiate place to leave it.
So I came back in the house, shoved my recovering broken toe in a boot and walked down
the snow packed stairs to retrieve the box. I guess the sign on the front porch telling
all delivery people to please leave the package on the front porch didn't register with this mailman. Its always better to have a woman with a disability to retrieve a box at 9:00 pm.
aargh ! double aargh !

I was ready to open some wine, forgo the glass and drink directly from the bottle.

I also realized I forgot my nieces birthday. guess what I'm doing this morning?

Have a great day everybody.


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Libby said...

cathy, i got your caard, and it's great! thank you! re- bad the wine & just get a long straw!!

Herrad said...

Happy Christmas.