Saturday, December 5, 2009

the meaning of the holiday

Tonight Mark and I got the feeling of what the holiday should mean and not what it has turned into today.

I'm so tired of these kids who start every sentence with "I want" and then they get it.

They are ungrateful and rude. You could write some of these kids a check for a million dollars and it still wouldn't be enough.

I have a 45 year old brother who is one of those.

Tonight after months of planning Mark & I made a little girls dream come true.

She fell in love with playing the flute and was really good at it. Her teacher loaned her her personal flute over the summer so she could play. Recently this family fell on rough times. Both of them losing their jobs and ultimately losing their home to foreclosure.
It got us thinking we really didn't need any gizmo for the holidays so I suggested we buy her a flute of her own. It would have broken my heart if she had had to give it up because something happened to the teacher or the borrowed flute and she was unable to play.

Ok, so I know nothing about buying a flute but thanks to my friend Lisa at Brass and Ivory she was able to answer all of our stupid questions and point us in the right direction. Thank you so much Lisa for all your help. We really appreciate it.

I got a call last week that my worst fear had happened. The teacher needed her flute back.
So I wrapped up the flute we had bought her and popped it in the mail.
We couldn't decided if we wanted to wait until Christmas but I think we got a message loud and clear from above.

The flute arrived today to a joyful and grateful little girl. We got a phone call tonight and I kid you not I had to fight back the tears.
Thanks for being a caring, grateful wonderful little girl.
Thanks for restoring my faith that not all kids are spoiled but thanks most of all
for making this our best holiday ever.
It is true what they say" It is better to give than receive"

Have a great day everybody


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Lisa Emrich said...


I'm so glad that everything worked out so well. It doesn't matter if she got the flute on Christmas day or whatever, you have made a little girl's dream come true!

I didn't get my very own french horn until my senior year in high school, although both my parents were music majors in college. I still remember being very excited about it even then.

BTW, none of your questions were stupid at all. I'm so glad that I could help even if just a little. :)