Monday, December 14, 2009

Our holiday card 2009

This is our holiday card we sent out this year !

Wow ! What a crazy year !

As you can tell from our cover picture we spent two weeks in Europe

enjoying Italy, Greece, Croatia and Germany. It was alot of fun and

we made some wonderful friends. We both developed a love for Chianti.

Cathy had her first relapse in 2 1/2 years a month before our trip but

we decided to go anyway. The dogs went to the best kennel ever and

had a wonderful time playing with 25 other shelties.

We also had the opportunity to see first hand why unions don't work in

this country when Mark's employer had major union problems. We

thought we would end moving to Oklahoma.

Everything in the end worked out.

Mark also became Chairman of an International Engine Organization. This is the

first time an American has held this position.

Mark has been traveling alot. Ask him about the food in Shanghai. Ugh !

I'm sure he prefers the pizza we discovered in Venice. Yummo !

Cathy also went on a cruise to the Caribbean in February by herself with

an MS organization. Ask her about her psycho roomy. Mark was at the Miami

Boat Show and we met up in the Miami airport to fly home together.

Cathy became an Ambassador with a Multiple Sclerosis Organization.

She also wrote numerous articles for various magazines and was interviewed

twice. Many joked she needed to hire a publicist.

We both became Crackberry addicts and love/hate our Blackberry's.

Our small online business in going well and

we are enjoying being business owners.

Here's to a great 2010 full of Chianti, a better boating season, and the

Packers winning the Superbowl. Go Pack

Cathy & Mark

& our fur kids-Noelle and Ripley

Happy Holiday Everybody !


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Diane said...

Sounds like a great year Cathy! Minus the flare of course. Great picture. I hope you are enjoying the holidays!