Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't buy overpriced MS products

Today I got a google alert for MS Walk and to my surprise
when I opened it there was an ad for my shirt saying listed at CafePress.

Wow ! Now that takes balls. For all I know you could be a friend of mine.

Cafepress sells shirts one at a time. People can submit their slogan in this case
my slogan) and Cafepress will produce one shirt at a time for a whopping
price of $28.00. no ifs ands or buts. Always a
whopping $28.00.

Ok so my shirts ( the original "I do the MS Walk Every Day") start at $14.99
and has a two color imprint. A cost I don't pass on to my customers.

Ladies styles shirts are available but I have found that most women prefer a
standard cut. ( info based on me being in the screen printing business for 8 years. )

Their ad reads like mine. How creative. A portion of the proceeds goes to NMSS.
Yeah right.

So if you want overpriced shirts go to cafepress. Obviously I have intimidated someone
because they chose to copy my business.

I figured it would start at some point but it really hurts to see my ideas being
marketed by soeone else. is a small business owned by someone with MS. Cafepress
is not. You choose.

I donate a portion of all my proceeds to my local chapter of NMSS and to MSF. Check my bank records for proof of that. This year alone we have donated close to $500 and year end we will be making another donation.
And that doesn't count for the money donated to MSF.

I thought I should clear things up. I created "I do the MS Walk Every Day"
and I at least want credit for it. Or maybe a cut of the profits for my idea. And that's my final answer. LOL

Have a great day everybody ! Watch out for the imposters.


Tell a Friend or two or three. We are the REAL deal.

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